My birth and Rebirth

My recent experiences of family life have brought back memories of my lack of existence as an individual within our family.

A young, teenage Anita and a slightly, older teenage me!

I see that my parent’s and sibling’s unsaid rules of who I was were tied up incessantly in what I could give them rather than celebrating who I am – particularly my identity and affirmation of my adoption into God’s family. Recently God’s been showing me how he’s been working his healing in restoring my Dad’s responsibility for us as his children but also allowing me to explore my rebirth as a daughter of God- chosen , valued and cherished- no matter what judgements others may try and put upon me.

Now that I know that God’s love is directed so strongly and intensely on me – despite my weaknesses and having lived as a victim, looked down on by my family for a long time.

Now I know I’ve been set free from my wounded past, from the lies spoken over me from the cradle, I am asking God to show me more clearly what my untrue beliefs have been and asking His forgiveness in valuing my intelligence and gifting as a way to bolster myself rather than know more mercifully my forgiveness and healing from God.

This blog has been written using BIRTH as a prompt from the 5 Minute Friday challenge. See their website for more details:

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