The Light Shines in the Darkness…

Advent: A time to reflect on darkness and light. Hope yet shines through the despair. Jesus Christ, fully God, yet fully man, comes to Earth, clothed as a baby. So much mystery and contradiction. The Messiah, the chosen 1, Born of a virgin in a lowly stable Yet the Saviour of the world. I loveContinue reading “The Light Shines in the Darkness…”

The Easy way to De-stress…by Singing!

“God inhabits the praises of His people.” Psalm 22:3, The Bible. Image Source: Oleg Magni via Have you read the research that says that singing is good for our wellbeing? There are now many choirs up and down the country for exactly that reason. In fact, in Harrow, More Than A Choir, Harrow CommunityContinue reading “The Easy way to De-stress…by Singing!”

Recommended Book: A Desert Transformed by Tracy Williamson

After recently reading “A Desert Transformed” by Tracy Williamson, a 40 day Christian Devotional book, I was really thankful for the insight it gave me. This was partly in going deeper in my relationship with God, but also bringing to light some areas of my life God wanted to bring healing and forgiveness into. EachContinue reading “Recommended Book: A Desert Transformed by Tracy Williamson”

A blast from the past…reflecting on my first publication, gratitude for surviving teen puberty and a calmer life!

Just before leaving for our family holiday, I came across my achievements folder, which included this old 1990 Wycombe High School magazine. I’d kept it as the editor selected my cartoon of the return from a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Surprised that it had been included, particularly as I’d forgotten to add my name, itContinue reading “A blast from the past…reflecting on my first publication, gratitude for surviving teen puberty and a calmer life!”

Learning the simple truth that LESS IS MORE!

I’m aware that it’s been 3 months since I last posted, and it felt liberating to finally put pen to paper earlier this week in preparation for a new blog post and metaphorically blow away the cobwebs from my mind! Life has been tough, resulting in me wrestling with unhelpful, self-critical thoughts and doubts aboutContinue reading “Learning the simple truth that LESS IS MORE!”